Master Metering

Master metering involves measuring the electric, water or natural gas usage of multiple tenants with the same meter. The reading is usually done under the landlord’s name. The landlord or the property owner then receives the bills measured through one electric meter for all tenants.

The utility provider usually installs a single electric meter in a large residential condo or in an apartment to record the entire building’s energy consumption. Master metering provides wholesale rates which are less costly.

The building management company or the building owner receives a single electric bill for the entire building and the assesses the tenants the individual share of the utility expenses based on the readings on each sub-meter.

It is an ideal way through which they can recoup the costs from tenants.


Master Metering



A master meter is installed in front of any sub-meter so that the energy which is supplied to the building flows through the master meter first. The utility meters are commonly located in or near the main switchboard.


Ownership and repairs

The power company owns and maintains the master meters. The local utility handles the operational, repair as well as all the billing queries that are associated with master meters.



The master meters can be identified by the local utility’s name or logo as well as by the meters’ badge number which is stamped on the meters’ face.


Master reading, billing and collection

The power company usually reads the master meters. Then they give the building management the monthly usage bill registered on the master meter. The total sum of the readings obtained from each submeter is what is displayed on the master meter.

The management then assesses each tenant share based on the readings recorded on their sub-meters to recoup the total expense.


Power handling and capability

The master meter can be ruined if a large amount of power demanded by an entire building is directly applied to a single meter. Transformers help reduce the power to a safe level that the meter can handle.