Embedded Networks

Embedded Networks

Rise Energy Services can integrate and set up embedded networks or micro-grids to further increase the benefits of solar power.

We have plenty of experience integrating solar PV to new and existing embedded networks or micro-grids.

What is an embedded network or micro-grid ?

Embedded networks, also known as micro-grids are privately owned and managed electricity infrastructures, usually in apartment buildings, airports, shopping centres or multi-tenanted commercial precincts. Embedded electricity networks are grid-connected. They rely on grid power flowing through the main meter box where electricity is then purchased at a bulk discount and sold to tenants at reduced rates. Beyond the main gate meter, embedded networks are managed without the involvement of a traditional energy retailer.

Embedded Network

What benefits does an embedded network provide?

  • Embedded networks allow much more detailed energy management and efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption across the board.
  • Billing usually happens monthly rather than quarterly, allowing more control over budgets.
  • The ability to offer stable, lower electricity prices is a great way to lock in long-term tenancies for your building or precinct.
  • Increase electricity retailing competition and put downward pressure on energy prices.
  • Allow you to future-proof your operation, whilst gaining a buffer from rising electricity costs.

Does solar PV fit into embedded networks?

Yes. When solar PV is added to an embedded network, it will supply power at a cheaper effective rate compared to what it can be bought at from a retailer. Therefore, the embedded network can make additional revenue due to larger mark-up.

Can I add a solar battery to the embedded network?

Yes you can. Adding battery storage to your solar-powered embedded network can result in additional savings, by covering your site’s electricity needs at night and through the early morning and evening.

How much can I save with a solar-powered embedded network?

This depends on the solar potential and size of your roof space, your budget and the size and energy consumption of your operation.

Can an embedded network with solar PV export electricity?

Yes it can. However – export licenses depend on local grid requirements and regulations. If the export licence is approved, a solar-powered embedded network allows you to generate passive income by selling unused electricity to the grid.